Face of Denim, Denim on Denim, 900x700, 2011

When I was younger I would stare at things around me. At faces, buildings and objects. I would look at how they were constructed and consider if I was drawing them, how I would do it. Imaging the strokes of the brush or the lines of a crayon, I would construct them in my mind.

Somewhere along the way I stopped doing this. Too busy to imagine. Too busy to think. I found myself in a world saturated with images and messages and had become immune.

Realising this I decided to reclaim the freedom and imagination I had as a child. I vowed to once again look at my surroundings and be inspired by them. Yet there was a difference. Coinciding with my experimentation with denim, when out and about I'd once again soak in my surroundings and rather than thinking how I would paint a place or object, I saw them recreated in denim.


The latest body of work I am working on is 'Sights of Sound', inspired by my new home in the Öresund.